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American clothing and footwear

An iconic American brand of fashion clothing and shoes for the whole family.
The Timberland store offers a wide selection of clothing, shoes, backpacks and other accessories for active men and women.
Timberland clothing: for travel, tourism, water sports, mountain climbing, and city walks.
Timberland jackets - three in one: a traditional windbreaker, hoodie and hood, they are fastened to each other with a zipper, and you get a waterproof and windproof warm clothing.
Models of double-sided light jackets-transformers with a set of pockets for all occasions of country life.
The brand's classics are always recognizable shapes and traditional natural colors: beige, white, sky blue, sand, etc.
Men's and women's shoes, Timberland topsiders are made only from natural materials: leather, suede and nubuck.