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Clothing from Hong Kong

JNBY is a world-famous street-fashion brand that represents designer clothing of the new Asian wave.
Intellectually sophisticated, but with a clear positive attitude, jnby clothing does not leave indifferent both designers, artists, photographers and other creative people, as well as residents of the metropolis who are tired of the gray everyday life, looking a little deeper than others, and simply are not used to merging with the surrounding mass. A brand for connoisseurs and fashionable gourmets. Here the skirt is not just a skirt, but a masterpiece! Buff, pinches, creases, pleats, draperies — these fashionable fossils here acquire a new, stylish life.

In each collection there are models of things-transformers. For example, jackets that can turn into a raincoat or even a backpack, and a dress — into a top or vest. Brand designers promote a natural and easy attitude to things — they are just things. And it is logical that a t-shirt can be tied instead of a scarf.

The color scheme of the models is designed in calm and pleasant colors. Base colors are classic: black, white, gray, beige, Indigo and marsh. But these things do not look gray and banal — on the contrary, the colors emphasize the non-standard design. There are also more saturated colors: lemon, crimson, scarlet, light green, purple, azure.

The history of the brand begins in 1992, when an aspiring designer Lin Li realized her dream — created the first collection of clothing.