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Bags, gloves, handkerchiefs

The creative concept of the LABBRA brand is bright, modern, bold and ironic. The brand was created in 2010, for those who are inclined to variety and like to experiment with style.

The visual embodiment of the brand was a Basset hound puppy-the personification of friendliness and cheerfulness, this character is reflected in the products of the LABBRA brand, which is created by Italian designers twice a year and corresponds to the current fashion trends.

LABBRA collections are developed in the concept of Total Look - ready-made stylistic image solution for all occasions, whether it is a walk in the Park or going out. A wide color palette and a large range of models allow you to easily find a set of accessories to your taste.

LABBRA helps her character feel at the peak of fashion trends: style and the latest world trends are not just words for her, she finds herself in them. A dynamic life involves changing images and moods, LABBRA inspires experiments with style and creative approach to your image. Affordable prices make it possible to change your image depending on the circumstances, without neglecting the quality of production.