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Boutique for kids

Our collectible clothing is suitable for babies from birth to 8 years old. 500 items with an exquisite design: envelopes and statement sets, christening outfits, bed linen, knitted and hosiery products, accessories for children's rooms and handmade furniture.
We use Italian cord lace, elite silk, cotton, Spanish embroidery, soft velour, moire satin, buttons with a diamond face and Swarovski crystals. All materials are natural and hypoallergenic.
In each of our six factories, we strictly control the quality of production, convenience and comfort, even in small details. We update collections every season.
We bring shoes from Italy, matching them to our weather conditions.
Our things were in the dowry of Philip Kirkorov's children, Kristina Orbakaite, Sokdiana, Iraklia, Evelina Bledans, and at the same time they are available at the place and price.
Choupette is translated as "cabbage" — so affectionately, the people of France called their fashionable kids.