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The network of certified shops LEGO® (mir-kubikov.ru)

Today, more than 70 LEGO ® certified stores have been opened in Russia. This is the official partner of the brand in the country. Here fans will find LEGO ® constructors of their favorite series, including new items, exclusive and collectible sets.

The chain stores have created a unique atmosphere of play and friendship, where both children and adults are comfortable. A professional team of experts in the world of LEGO ® cubes will tell you about each constructor with passion and knowledge of the topic, answer questions, and help you make the right choice. Even a simple visit out of interest will bring you a lot of impressions, because the distinctive feature of LEGO ® stores is the demonstration of some models in Assembly.

You will be pleased with regular promotions with gifts and discounts, a bonus program, nice prices, the ability to order on the website, and pick up in the store, and most importantly-always a complete and up-to-date assortment that only happens in the network of certified LEGO® stores!

Phone: +7 (3952) 782-596
Website: https://mir-kubikov.ru/