[ID] => 47
    [IBLOCK_ID] => 19
    [NAME] => Фотографии для слайдера
    [ACTIVE] => Y
    [SORT] => 500
    [ROW_COUNT] => 1
    [COL_COUNT] => 30
    [LIST_TYPE] => L
    [MULTIPLE] => Y
    [XML_ID] => 45
    [FILE_TYPE] => 
    [MULTIPLE_CNT] => 5
    [LINK_IBLOCK_ID] => 0
    [FILTRABLE] => N
    [IS_REQUIRED] => N
    [VERSION] => 1
    [USER_TYPE] => 
    [HINT] => 
    [~NAME] => Фотографии для слайдера
    [~DEFAULT_VALUE] => 
    [VALUE_ENUM] => 
    [VALUE_XML_ID] => 
    [VALUE_SORT] => 
    [VALUE] => 
    [~DESCRIPTION] => 
    [~VALUE] => 
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PAO «VympelKom» (brand «Beeline») part of a group of companies VEON Ltd.

The market where VEON operates is the world of high speeds. In this world, it is not just important to be ahead of others, it is important to be ahead of people's desires and open up new technological opportunities for them. VEON strives to be a leader in technological development, opening up the opportunities of the digital world to each of our clients. This spirit of excellence is the main driving force behind the company's transformation.

The Beeline brand, under which PAO «VympelKom» provides services, is one of the most recognizable brands in Russia and the CIS countries. This is a truly bright and memorable brand that is associated with openness to the new and moving forward.

In the Beeline store, you can:
— purchase or replace a SIM card;
— change your pricing plan;
— make payments for communication services;
— apply for a transition to "Beeline" with your number;
— buy a new smartphone and the necessary accessories for it, using profitable promotions. For example, promotions with free connection, trade-in, or installments;
— use a wide range of financial services (insurance, money transfer, loan payment, etc.).