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Appliances, electronics, accessories

«M.Video» is the best place to meet people and electronics. One of the largest European companies in the segment of home appliances and electronics offers its customers more than 20 thousand items of equipment: from digital and home, to products for gamers and smart gadgets. On the site and in the store, customers can find both the most popular products in everyday life, and advanced new products. For fans of the most modern technologies, the company organizes early sales starts and unique pre-orders. The m_mobile special digital zone features dozens of smartphone models and digital accessories. Each customer of the chain can use the «Order and pick up» pickup service: order an item online, and then pick it up at the nearest store «M.Video». You can pay for the product both on the site and in the store upon receipt. The store offers special offers and promotions on a regular basis. The company regularly monitors prices for electronics on the market and offers customers the most favorable terms of purchase. Some products are subject to the terms of an interest-free loan, which can be obtained here in the store. «M.Credit» experts will help you quickly fill out the form and get approval from several partner banks at once. All buyers of the network can get high-quality service support under the brand «M.Service»: install software, get the necessary advice, hand over equipment for warranty repairs.