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The Calvin Klein Underwear collection is a line of interesting models that are not only comfortable in everyday wear, but also look very beautiful and stylish. In such underwear, both men and women feel confident in any situation!
Calvin Klein underwear is always the same quality and the most fashionable trends. The beach collection (Swimwear) and clothing for home and sleep are also available.

In 1982, Klein developed a collection of men's underwear. Its advertising used a semi-naked male body. 1992 is considered the birth date of the popular youth style "unisex". The ad used a semi-naked couple, in which a girl and a young man resembled each other in figures, hair and clothing. Calvin Klein was the first person who didn't hesitate to put his name on such an intimate item of clothing; advertising was scolded, but the underwear didn't have time to be delivered to stores — it was literally swept off the shelves.