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High-quality cosmetic products

L'OCCITANE offers high-quality cosmetic products and fragrances developed in strict accordance with the principles of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. L'OCCITANE's textures and scents were inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle: using L'OCCITANE products, you are guaranteed to feel good and give yourself sensual pleasure. We strictly follow the charter on the preparation of cosmetic formulas, which allows us to guarantee optimal quality, high efficiency and unlimited pleasure from using products. At the same time, we demonstrate respect for people and the environment. We strive to use high-quality natural ingredients, the origin of which is easy to trace. L'OCCITANE uses more than 200 Botanical ingredients, a quarter of which are certified organic. All ingredients are carefully selected and tested for effectiveness, as well as the ability to give your skin what it needs to maintain its beauty. In our formulas, these ingredients are used in perfect concentration. We systematically give priority to natural ingredients and use them whenever possible. For example, instead of oils that are petrochemicals, we use vegetable oils, because they are more suitable for all skin types. However, in the absence of a reliable and effective natural remedy, we always reinsure ourselves and use synthetic components — this is the only way to guarantee the optimal safety and effectiveness of L'OCCITANE products.