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«Cantata» is a chain of tea, coffee, sweets and exclusive gifts galleries.

More than 250 galleries across Russia
«Cantata» is a chain of tea, coffee, sweets and exclusive gifts galleries with a long history, founded in 2000.
Many years of experience have allowed the company to take a leading position in the market, and today the «Cantata» network has more than 250 galleries across Russia, including an online store. And in the fall of 2012, a factory for the production of handmade sweets was launched.

Art is the philosophy of our brand
Paintings by famous artists inspire us to create gifts, poetry helps us find comparisons to describe tastes. Since August 2012, we are officially called «Cantata, gallery of tastes».

Tea and coffee from all over the world
More than 230 items of tea, and more than 100 varieties of coffee from different parts of the world. More than 80 positions of delicious sweets and desserts. The company works only with reliable suppliers. Most of the products are made specifically for «Cantata» and are not represented in other retail chains, which is the pride of all employees.

Sincere service
The company puts special emphasis on service. We have no customers: everyone who comes to our galleries is our Guests. Therefore, sales consultants are always friendly, hospitable and happy to help in the selection.
«Cantata» is not just a chain of galleries with a unique tea and coffee assortment, delicious desserts and incredible gifts, it is a team that works for You honestly and with pleasure!

Our website: www.cantata.ru

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