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Mobile operator

PAO «MTS» is a leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS countries. The company's consolidated subscriber base, excluding the «MTS Belarus» subscriber base, is about 100 million subscribers. The company provides high-quality voice, data and high-speed Internet access services, offers new tariff plans and innovative services that meet the diverse needs of a wide range of private and corporate subscribers. Thanks to the extensive network coverage area and roaming agreements, MTS subscribers remain connected in almost all countries of the world, and Internet roaming is available in more than 200 countries. MTS pays priority attention to service and customer service. The company develops its own retail network, represented by more than 4,000 salons, and has a wide dealer network of points of sale throughout the country. Today MTS is a successful multi-service data-oriented company that provides subscribers with unique converged products and services based on advanced technical solutions. MTS Group's development strategy for 2014-2016 "3D" ("data, differentiation and dividends") is aimed at strengthening its leadership in the Russian telecommunications market by increasing the penetration of mobile Internet services, diversifying services, improving the company's operational efficiency and investment attractiveness to shareholders.