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Mobile operator

Yota is a connection.

At the Yota store, you can:

· Purchase a SIM card for your smartphone and tablet, a modem or router with unlimited Internet for your computer;
· Replace the SIM card if it is lost or broken;
· Switch to Yota from another operator with your old number;
· Renew the contract with another person or change your data (for example, if you changed your passport);
· Take a modem or router for a week-long test drive;
· Purchase of souvenir products with the brand Yota.

At the store you will be helped by:

· Choose the right combination of minutes, gigabytes and unlimited smartphone apps;
· Configure your SIM card or modem/router;
· Understand the problem if something doesn't work as it should.

The sale point located in «Modniy Kvartal» shopping mall on 2nd floor and is open from 10:00 to 22:00.
Phone: +7 (999) 642-15-95

At the sale point, you will get answers to any questions about Yota.

Website: https://www.yota.ru/