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Books and stationery

«ProdaLit» bookselling group is the largest operator in the book market of Eastern Siberia. Today, our network consists of 50 retail outlets in four regions of the Russian Federation: the Irkutsk region, the Republic of Buryatia, the Zabaikalskiy krai and the Krasnoyarskiy krai. The new store in the «Modniy Kvartal» became the fiftieth anniversary for «ProdaLit». The range of products offered by «ProdaLit» is more than 200,000 items. Today, the chain's stores are platforms for selling not only books, but also a wide range of office supplies, creative goods, developing game assortment, and Souvenirs. The store's shelves offer products for a variety of creative fields: soap making, quilling, decoupage, beading, embroidery, wool felting, scrapbooking, ceramic floristics. Any product can be purchased individually, pick up everything to your taste, and you can choose a beautiful set for beginners with step-by-step instructions. In addition, in «ProdaLit» store you can buy all sorts of office supplies for study and work, as well as choose a lot of interesting and curious books. For several years, the company has been actively promoting the idea of a bookstore as a modern "Cultural and leisure center". Today, there are several such permanent centers, and the store in the «Modniy Kvartal» has become one of them. It hosts a wide variety of master classes for children and adults, creative class hours for schoolchildren, literary quizzes, and holidays. educational book exhibitions and meetings with writers are constantly held. At our master classes, it is easy to learn how to create beauty with your own hands step by step – because they are conducted under the guidance of professionals. In addition, the stores of the «ProdaLit» chain have a wide discount program that covers a variety of categories of customers,as well as various promotions and sales. Come to our store in the shopping mall «Modniy Kvartal» with your whole family – because you are waiting for new ideas and bright impressions!