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Pet products

Zoo network «Friend» is a unique chain of stores with products for Pets. We have the widest range of products for cats, dogs, rodents, birds, fish and amphibians. Animal feed, care and maintenance products, fillers, cages, houses, carriers and much more!

Pet supplies that we present are of excellent quality:
- on the counter of a pet store, only checked and allowed to use animal feed is received;
- we monitor the freshness and shelf life of food for our pets;
- we have collected the world's best brands that have already established themselves as leaders in the production of pet products;
- we are trusted, as the store «Friend» is a close-knit and experienced team of real passionate specialists who know a lot about products for animals and who love our little brothers dearly;
- the price policy of the store is loyal to the customer and is formed with an emphasis on competitiveness, and buying pet products through the online store, you save even more thanks to an additional reduction in the price of most products.

If You are concerned about the question "Which pet stores in Irkutsk and Angarsk represent the widest and most complete range of products for animals at low prices?", we can say with confidence that this is a «Friend» store. Our team bears professional responsibility, as well as guarantees the quality of products and services provided. How can it be otherwise, because we are talking about the health and satisfaction of our favorite animals.