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The world's most delicious cinnamon rolls

Cinnabon is a world famous brand, the most delicious cinnamon rolls! Their freshness, aroma and appetizing appearance cause constant delight among people of different ages and countries.
According to one of the most influential professional publications, Cinnabon buns are included in the list of 50 main pleasures of life.
The recipe for making Cinnabon buns is kept in the strictest secret, and the best technologists worked on their creation, because in order to bake the most delicious bun, you need to collect unique ingredients from all over the world.

Always hot and fresh pastries. The fragrant, cinnamon is one hundred percent grade Makar is grown specifically for Cinnabon in the mountains of Indonesia.

Cinnabon Bytes for one bite-a set of 5 rolls to choose from: Classic, Chocolate or Pecan.

Cupcakes with a special cheese glaze: vanilla, chocolate and a combination of these flavors.

Cinnabon Stix: 10 sticks of puff pastry with Makara cinnamon and brown sugar. A set of 5 pieces is served with a portion of glaze to choose from (classic, creamy, caramel).

Cocktails based on milk, with a cap of whipped cream, decorated with a topping.

This is only part of our range, we are waiting for you in the Modniy Kvartal shopping mall.