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Ice cream made from natural cream

Baskin Robbins is a world leader in a variety of premium ice cream varieties. Since 1947, more than 2,000 ice cream recipes have been created, 140 of which are produced at the largest factory in Europe in Moscow.

Baskin Robbins ice cream is made on the basis of natural cream of the highest quality and other ingredients carefully selected by the company's specialists around the world.

Baskin Robbins ice cream cafe in the Modniy Kvartal shopping mall offers more than 50 types of ice cream, as well as:

- branded mini desserts,
- exclusive ice cream cakes,
- «Premium de Luxe» cocktails,
- low-calorie series «Premium light», for those who watch their figure,
- varieties of ice cream without sugar, as well as sorbet and sorbet without milk.

We also have already packed ice cream. You can also choose your favorite type of ice cream and take it home with you or to a celebration.