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Unusual waffles with various fillings inside

Bubble Waffle is an unusual waffle with a variety of fillings inside, prepared using our unique technology, on special waffle irons. We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to make Hong Kong waffles.

Bubble Waffle consists of 30 balls, in each of which we add a variety of fillings, whether it is milk chocolate, M&M’s, or fruit puree.
On top of each waffle, we pour a variety of syrups and toppings, add fresh fruit, whipped cream or ice cream — the result is a dessert that you can not tear yourself away from! Truly unique and inimitable!

We believe that an unusual dessert should be accompanied by a special drink. That is why our menu offers a range of natural refreshing smoothies, which we prepare on the basis of fresh fruits and berries without the use of preservatives and food additives. When preparing our signature smoothies, we add natural fructose instead of sugar, which makes the drink low-calorie and attractive for people who watch their figure and lead a healthy lifestyle.

In the cafe «O! Vaflya» guests can always try freshly brewed aromatic coffee and warm up with classic and fruit tea.

Taste the sweet madness!