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Burger King
Global fast food restaurant chain

BURGER KING, founded in 1954, is the second largest fast food chain in the world.
The Burger king chain, also known as the house of WHOPPER ®, has about 12,500 restaurants that serve more than 11 million visitors daily in 79 countries around the world. Since 2010, the chain has been represented in Russia.
Whopper ® is the flagship Burger of the BURGER KING restaurant chain.
Its main difference from many competitive products is that the meat for Whopper ® is cooked over a real fire.

Every day, more than eleven million visitors come to BURGER KING restaurants around the world. This is not surprising, because our restaurants are known for the taste of specialty dishes and excellent value for money. Founded in 1954, BURGER KING is the world's second-largest fast-food restaurant chain specializing in burgers. The original Burger "Whopper", a bet on the highest quality ingredients, branded recipes and comfort for visiting the whole family — this is what has been the hallmark of our brand for more than fifty years of successful work.